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CSR: Nokia's eco-friendly phone

While Apple and Samsung are fighting with each other on the problems of their patent strategy, Nokia keeps devoting to the environmental dimensions of CSR (corporate socialresponsibility). According to the Nokia Sustainability Report 2011, in order to achieve its business vision of being a leading company in environmental performance, Nokia continues seeking new approaches of reducing impact on environment, as well as developing new partnerships both inside and outside the industry. And the eco-friendly mobile that we will discuss in the following section is just one of Nokia’s efforts in environmental CSR.


(source: Nokia official website)

This eco-friendly mobile was designed by a Chinese designer Daizi Zheng and was first introduced to the public in 2010. Zheng proposes the idea that a mobile could work on a bio-battery according to the glycolysis reaction.

此生態友善的手機由中國設計師Daizi Zheng所設計,於2010年首度發表。Zheng提出手機能用以糖解反應進行發電的生化電池所運作。 

(source: dezeen magazine)

Glycolysis is a process that transforms glucose to energy (and H2O and CO2) by enzymes. Zheng thought the traditional mobile battery produces a disposal problem and has adverse impact to the environment. However, this bio-battery only needs some soft drink such as cola for work. It can generate electricity for the mobile in an eco-friendly way – no need for rare metals and other materials for manufacturing and generates no disposal problem because it is bio-degradable. Zheng claimed that this bio-battery has the potential to operate 3-4 times longer than lithium batteries.


(source: dezeen magazine)

(source: dezeen magazine)

(source: dezeen magazine)

(source: dezeen magazine)

Some rumours said this technology could be commercialised within years. It is admirable that Nokia keeps concerning environmental issues in business operations. It has shown its ambition on promoting a more sustainable lifestyle in this cola mobile case. We expect more innovative and eco-friendly products available in the future.



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